Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Foxx to Higher Education: "Respect my authoritah!"

McClatchy Newspapers:

"U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Eric Cartman of the 112th Congress, will take over the chairmanship of a subcommittee focused on higher education, her office announced today. The subcommittee oversees federal policy on U.S. colleges and universities and is part of the House Education and the Workforce Committee."

It was already finished. Might as well put the Madam in charge of burying the bodies.


FOXX FANN said...

Way to go Virginia!
It's too bad they won't let you clean house at ASU! So much dead wood! So many $140,000 PLUS professors and administrators!

BikerBard said...

So sad to see you against seasoned professors making a good living. $140,000 is NOT a starting salary. A dentist makes as much.

And Foxx makes $174,000 and is a is a multi-millionaire, besides!

Go to a dictionary and look up the word, "hypocrite." You'll see Foxx's picture there.

Amused at the bard. said...

Bard, are you actually calling someone a hypocrite? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Ms. Foxx will do well in this new appointment.

November was HERE said...

Biker, is your reading comprehension as bad as you indicate? Or are you just setting up straw men that you can argue with? Noone said anything about 140k being a "starting salary", nor did anyone compare personnel at a state university with a dentist in private practice. Typical of you to wander off the topic and bring in extraneous information when you can't rebut a simple point.

There are more than 30 individuals at ASU who are making more than 140K....and some making over 200K.

More than 50 people in this one STATE University make more than the governor of this state does. Add the other campuses in the UNC system to the list and ask yourself where we are to get our budget reductions from?

While our average income ($576 per week) in this area is declining and our unemployment rate increasing, can ASU personnel be exempted from the effects of this economy?

Foxx is a bargain at 174K...and her personal wealth has nothing to do with anything. She doesn't even make the list of the wealthiest congresspersons...(most of whom are democrat).

About Time said...

I am sure you all will be thrilled to learn Shoucek is now on the Education Committee.

Things are looking up.

Frank said...

Foxx is a bargain at 174K...

Jesus. I'd pay her to leave. And she is the wealthiest NC delegate. She's increased her wealth from 2 million to around 8 million since she took office. She is in this for herself. And that's it.