Thursday, January 20, 2011

Foxx: Practice What You Preach

A group, er, movement called CREDO Action, "a publication of Working Assets," is calling on those members of Congress who just voted to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act to practice what they preach:
Who would have the audacity to vote for repealing affordable health care for 32 million Americans while gladly accepting generous, federally subsidized insurance for themselves?

Your representative — Rep. Foxx — along with 236 other congressional health care hypocrites.

Over the past two years, especially during the election season, Republicans and a select few Democrats did everything they could to derail health care reform. They fueled fears and misinformation, throwing around terms like "socialist," "fascist," "government takeover," and of course "death panels."

Now they've fulfilled their campaign promise and voted for a full repeal. But what most of them haven't done is given up the affordable, subsidized care that they voted yesterday to deny so many of us.

If you want to join this movement, you can click on the link above, and a message will be sent to The Madam in your name calling on her to stop being a hypocrite and to give up her government-subsidized health care.


BlueDog said...

Great logic. If a congressman has a 'benefit' as part of the compensation for his employment, then you argue EVERYONE should have the same benefit?

I guess the next step would be to raise the minimum wage to the level of congressional salaries?

Brushfire said...

The point is, everyone deserves the same "benefit" of affordable access to quality health care. The congresswoman has the best access available, paid for by our taxes, and she doesn't think the rest of us deserve it.
I say we lower her salary to minimum wage.

you deserve what you earn said...

If you want the benefits that go with being a member of the legislature, then all you have to do is run for office and win. however, this might be easier if you do not run as a liberal. People are tired of their failed policies.

shyster said...

Dog and Deserve, the thing that people of your ilk forget is that they are employEES and we are the employERS. Where in the business community do the employEES get to set the pay and benefits AND keep the employERS from reacting or insisting on at least a reasonable parity?
I realize that in order to get people to take that job (and live in DC) you have to provide reasonable pay and benefits but they can at least show their gratitude by not actively working to screw us.

Rubashov said...

You know, I thought the exact same thing when the original Obamacare bill passed--I could live with it as long as it applied to Congress too. Remember when lawyers discovered that the bill actually stripped Congress of its coverage, and Obama generously said he'd "overlook" that clause.

But sure, what's not to like about making Congresscritters (of both parties) scrounge for money to pay for health care like the rest of us (their employers)? Can we take another look at the gold-plated health care and pension plans for federal government bureaucrats too?