Saturday, June 15, 2024

When Ideology Becomes Craziness


FlipNC. "The Shameless Bergers"

There have been plenty of cracked pots on the political Left, and the rest of us have suffered from the broad-brush of opposition and resentment when the push-back came. "Defund the police" springs to mind. Censorship by the Left is as bad as censorship by the Right. Anarchism is not a good look, nor is indiscriminate destruction of private property. Gender dysphoria, and all of its taboos and bright labeling, strikes many observers as a fraught fad that buries too many landmines with hair-trigger fuses.

But the ideological craziness that has overtaken the Right is in a class to itself, mainly because Republicans are often in a position to make it law. Like, the Clarence Thomas-written opinion lifting the ban on bump stocks, following hard on the Samuel Alito-written opinion taking away the abortion rights of women. Just this week, we saw the Southern Baptists' condemnation of in vitro fertilization, following the lead of the ideological nuts on the Alabama Supreme Court who "found" that frozen embryos are actually children. Good grief!

The very ideas of "fairness" and "equity" are under attack as wicked innovations intended to deprive children of the God-given right to hate and discriminate against whomever they -- or their parents -- please. Higher education is a plot -- obviously! -- to turn older children anti-American and if possible gay.

It's up to the voters to say "enough!"

Perhaps worse than crazy ideology is the self-interested corruption of public policy for the sake of power or wealth or both. Our current Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore certainly knows how to turn a buck and has taught his willing acolytes that as long as you have the power, you can pretty much twist things to your personal benefit.

The Berger family's interlaced web of power and influence is an even bigger example, with number one son Phil Junior repeatedly ruling in his father's favor on Supreme Court cases where Senior is a defendant or significant intervenor, and Junior steadfastly refuses to recuse himself. Second son Kevin Berger did what he could to get Dad his gambling casino in Rockingham County, though that one went off the rails, and Kevin barely won another term on the Rockingham County Commission. You can fool some of the people.... Maybe not all of the people.

It's up to the voters to say "enough!" It's the only thing that will stop the craziness and the corruption.

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