Thursday, June 06, 2024

Federal Judge Blocks Part of NC Law Limiting Mifipristone Usage


On Monday U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles blocked parts of North Carolina’s law on medication abortions, ruling that any health care provider — not just physicians — and pharmacists who are certified can prescribe abortion pills, and patients can take mifepristone at home, and they no longer have to make three in-person visits to a doctor.

The lawsuit was filed last year by Dr. Amy Bryant, an OB-GYN in Hillsborough.

Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein, who’s running for governor, was a lead defendant in the case but declined to represent the state. Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore were allowed to defend the laws with private attorneys. They argued that restrictions on mifepristone and abortion were necessary to protect patients’ health and safety.

In a statement released Tuesday, Stein lauded the ruling, saying:

“Republican lawmakers enacted SB20 to control women. Their sloppy, chaotic law violated women’s constitutional rights and made it harder to get a safe, effective medication abortion. I fought back against the unconstitutional parts of the law that made it harder for women – especially in rural parts of the state – to get the health care they need. I’m proud to defend women’s reproductive freedoms and pleased that this ruling helps women regain some control over their personal health care decisions. Politicians need to stay out of the exam room and leave these decisions to a woman and her medical provider.”

Judge Eagles did not grant Bryant’s request to strike down state requirements for an in-person exam, ultrasound, blood testing, and a 72-hour consultation before the abortion.


Anonymous said...

" Politicians need to stay out of the exam room and leave these decisions to a woman and her medical provider."

The same can be said about everyone's health care decisions you fascist thug.

Anonymous said...

Remind me of any other health decision where politicians interfere

Anonymous said...

The ENTIRE covid vaccine debacle, where the gov't forced people to get vaccinated or be fired.

How short are the memories of the tyrants who demand control over other people's lives!

Anonymous said...

Oh shush Anon 6:09. I'm perfectly willing for you to choose to die.

Anonymous said...

You first...

Anonymous said...

The " covid vaccine debacle", saved many lives and brought a quick end and better understanding of the pandemic.

Who was fired for not getting a vaccine? It WAS a choice, you know.

Anonymous said...

It's not a choice if there are negative consequences for noncompliance.

Fired? How about discharged.

Anonymous said...

It's a choice. Being a grown-up is hard.

Wolf's Head said...

Being stupid is harder.

You should try to do better.

One of the most identifying traits of the committed leftist is their inability to take responsibility for whatever damage their policies do to those who aren't in their camp.

To them, everyone else is an expendable, and acceptable, collateral damage.