Monday, April 22, 2024

Of Course They Kept the Students Out


Students waiting unsuccessfully for admittance
to the BOG committee meeting in Winston-Salem.
Photo Kaitlin McKeown for NandO

Korie Dean for the NandO
: "Students from UNC-Chapel Hill say they were kept out of the building where the UNC System Board of Governors — a public body — met Wednesday .... The board’s University Governance committee unanimously voted ... to approve a policy targeting diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, jobs and efforts at all public universities in North Carolina. That committee, along with several other board committees, met throughout the day in a theater at the Alex Ewing Performance Place on the UNC School of the Arts campus in Winston-Salem." (Emphasis added)

They didn't want pesky, alert students watching them begin the process of doing away with diversity, equity, and inclusion, a few things generally high on an idealistic student's bingo card. So they claimed there were no seats available in a theater for a handful of UNC-Chapel Hill students, and by that glorified logic, they also kept the students out of the entire building.

These guys on the Board of Governors are all conservative appointees by a General Assembly which has been crushing democracy every chance it has, and it's had many chances, going after ballot access, voting rights, and crippling the Democratic governor's power while enhancing their own. Just naturally, the BOG is following the same path of squelching democratic inclusiveness and cracking down on dissent.

Sorry, no seats in the theater for you whining students!

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