Monday, November 13, 2023

We'd Like To See More "Irish" in Biden


The point is to be more aggressive and show some imagination. [The Biden team] have the daring — Biden just stood on a Michigan picket line in a union cap! But there’s so many more ways to lean in.
--Jonathan Martin, in Politico


Jonathan Martin's long opinion piece, "Here's How Biden Can Turn It Around," in Politico rings a few bells -- some heavy dolesome and some tinkling bright -- and is well worth the read. Full of hard truths and good politics -- specific suggestions about where Biden needs to go and what he needs to stage and how he needs to deal with Hunter's whole mythology and his own mythic age, and what to do with "Bidenomics" (the consensus is "trash it in the nearest dumpster").

I found the following suggestion particularly hilarious, considering I haven't forgiven Rahm Emanuel for how he treated Howard Dean:

The president should call [Rahm] Emanuel [US Ambassador to Japan] back stateside and have him chair the reelection. Doing so would demonstrate a willingness by Biden to broaden his inner circle, create a manic urgency in the campaign that is Emanuel’s trademark and, by elevating one of the most ferocious operatives of our times, signal that when Trump goes low the Democrats will go fucking lower.

I like the spirit of that. 

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Title above refers to a slang phrase that was popular where I grew up: "Get one's Irish up." 


    cause one to become angry.
    "if someone tries to make me do something I don't want to do, it gets my Irish up"

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Mike said...

the Irish knew how to fight, since they were always being picked upon by English superiors. Biden knows how to fight, but doesn't adopt the stance. He needs help and Rahm could do the job.

I've argued with Republican friends for years about the anti-democratic Electoral College, but they have always known it protects the rich and empowered. And those folks are not about to give it up now, because they will, like in Germany in 1930+, become whole-hearted supporters of Trump and his agenda if elected. Money rules and always has for the last 12,000 years.

BTW, have you noticed just how many Democrats have adopted the Republican diminishment of the Democratic name (i.e. Democrat). We've got some dumb-assed Democrats around and some exist here.