Wednesday, November 08, 2023

I Haven't Got Words


Brandon Presley

I've been glued to various internet feeds and news sites, catching up on everything that happened last night in several states, including in North Carolina, where it was municipal leadership on the line, and in Virginia, where Democrats flipped back their House and held the Senate and caused Republican "Great-White-Hope" Glenn Youngkin some major agita, and in the whole wide world where Moms 4 Liberty apparently lost bigly. I'm only sorry about Mississippi, where Democrat Brandon Presley impressed me, tearing relentlessly into Republican Gov. Tate Reeves over the expansion of Medicaid and the price of groceries. If Presley had won, or come closer (the margin was about 5 points), he might have proven a political point that Democrats with fight in them do best in the reddest of spots.

I'm glad to give Thomas Mills the floor on what happened and how we might feel about it:

Democrats won up and down the ballot and across the country. Last night should be a cautionary tale for Republicans, but the party is still beholden to a man who lives in a fantasy world of stolen elections and imaginary fortunes. Democrats have messages that work and an organization that’s functioning. Ignore the narratives of Democrats in disarray. Republicans are the ones in the wilderness.

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