Monday, November 20, 2023

The End of Democracy


Hannah Knowles reported on the November 19 Republican Presidential Debate and on what followed the very next day as "counter-programming":

...Trump swooped into Iowa for his own event — where he lobbed insults, made crude references and casually tossed out claims designed to belittle his opponents and critics in vicious terms

Children wandered around in shirts and hats with the letters “FJB,” an abbreviation for an obscene jab at President Biden that other merchandise spelled out: “F--- Biden.”

During his speech inside a high school gym in Fort Dodge, former president Trump called one GOP rival a “son of a b----,” referred to another as “birdbrain” and had the crowd shrieking with laughter at his comments on Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), who he called “pencil neck” before asking, “How does he hold up that fat, ugly face?” He brought the house down while mocking Biden, at one point baselessly suggesting Biden is using drugs and can’t get offstage “by the time whatever it is he’s taken wears off.”

...outside the packed venue, vulgar slogans about Biden and Vice President Harris were splashed across T-shirts: “Biden Loves Minors.” “Joe and the Ho Gotta Go!” One referred to Biden and Harris performing sexual acts.

 Trump’s coarseness and cruelty have come to define the Republican Party since his rise to the presidency — and many GOP voters relish and emulate the approach, while others tolerate it.

If that person is put back in that chair, he will be a dictator, cruel and vindictive. He's assembling his army. 


Wolf's Head said...

Vox Populi, vox dei.

You're going to love Trump's second term.

Anonymous said...

What's to love about a Hitler/Mussolini/North Korean second term?

Kathryn Charles said...

We cannot let our Democracy be destroyed by that narcissist. Let's hope more decent Republicans wake up to what is happening.