Thursday, September 14, 2023

Mark Harris, Going Full Trumpist


Tuesday was a busy news day in North Carolina. Kyle Ingram reported:

Mark Harris, whose 2018 congressional campaign was at the center of a ballot-harvesting scandal ending in a new election and felony indictments for an operative who worked for him, announced his campaign for Congress on Tuesday. 

Harris’s own son gave bombshell testimony at 2019 state hearings called to investigate election fraud, where Harris himself called for a new election. 

Yet in his campaign announcement, Harris cast doubt on the decision to reverse his apparent win. “After seeing first hand the manufactured scandal that resulted in the Democrat controlled State Board of Elections not certifying our victory in 2018, I am one of the few people who truly understands the extremes Democrats will go to in order to advance their woke, leftist agenda,” he said in a statement.


It's now Republican boilerplate, partially rewritten to fit Rev. Harris: Not only does election fraud thrive (even in races that Republicans win), but an investigation by the State Board of Elections never happened and if it did, it was totally the product of the other Party's invention.

Harris says he's running in NC8, the seat currently help by Dan Bishop, who plans to abandon it to run for Attorney General. But the boundaries of NC8 will probably change when the Republicans get around to gerrymandering themselves into perpetual power, which will happen as late in the fall as possible, to give Democrats little time to recruit candidates in new House and Senate districts.

Will Mark Harris have a miraculous resurrection? He believes so apparently. He wouldn't be saying "woke" otherwise. He's got the correct hymnal in his hands.

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