Friday, September 01, 2023

Democratic Primary in 2024 for A.G. Might Get Interesting


Alexander H. Jones has written a strong endorsement for the just retired NC Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan to run for the office of Attorney General, not Governor as has been speculated Morgan was considering. Jones makes the point that the first announced Democratic candidate for the job is a little known ex-Marine lawyer from Fayetteville, Col. Tim Dunn. There's now a second Democrat in the race, Duplin County attorney Charles Ingram. Morgan's getting into the primary will make him the instant frontrunner.

Jones writes, "Mike Morgan would be one of the most highly-qualified candidates ever to run for Attorney General in North Carolina. He has served as a jurist at every level of the state courts, culminating in a tenure on the High Court during one of the most significant progressive terms in recent state history."

Whoever wins a Democratic primary will likely be running against current Congressman Dan Bishop, whom Jones also characterizes: "Bishop represents the most pernicious strand of politics that exists in America. While it would be very strong to employ the descriptor 'fascist,' Dan Bishop has allied himself with genuine forces of neo-fascism in national politics. He started his AG’s campaign by stoking lurid fears about crime in 'Asheville' (decoded: gay) and 'especially Charlotte' (decoded: multiracial). At a minimum he would create a climate of hysteria among many whites that seemed to justify an extreme response by law enforcement to an imagined epidemic of urban disorder."

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