Monday, September 18, 2023

"Here's How We Deliver for the Gambling Industry: We Get the Democrats To Pass It!"


Jason Saine
Because Berger can't get casino gambling past the Republicans in the NC House, the NC House leaders -- mainly Jason Saine, as the chief budget writer, who is also a loyal lieutenant to Tim Moore -- put forth a new "compromise" that ties the passage of casino gambling to the long-promised implementation of Medicaid expansion to hundreds of thousands, in a blatant attempt to seduce enough Democrats into voting for the gambling industry, since rank and file Republicans won't. (This is the only hard news source I've seen about this rogue and naked maneuver, and the article focuses more on Gov. Cooper's denouncement of the thing than the thing itself. Cooper called the bill "a brutally dishonest backroom deal.")

The casino plan and Medicaid expansion would then be in one bill together, separate from the actual budget, a source from both parties told CBS 17....

So far, Democrats have not received many details about the plan. The details they have seen were described as “garbled” by one Democrat who spoke to CBS 17 Saturday.

Rep. Jason Saine (R-Lincoln) who is a top budget writer in the House confirmed the proposal, rumors of which began Friday night. Saine also said votes for the budget and the combined Medicaid/casino bill would take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

So stand by for a coliseum spectacle if Democrats jump on board enough to give Phil Berger his wet dream.

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