Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Whistling Through the Graveyard


“I frankly -- I just I don’t think that this law is going to be that big of a determining factor in next year’s election." 

--Stephen Wiley, director, North Carolina House Republican Caucus


I can't help noticing that Republican lawmakers in Raleigh keep returning defensively to how their new highly unpopular abortion ban was actually an amazingly moderate compromise between the Republican Hard Right and the Republican Less Hard Right. "Why Lordy!" the whining goes, "Republican women more moderate on the law won some concessions, so whaddya want, anyway? We listened to the women!" (The fact that those particular women are also made to wear the Republican pro-life straitjacket might temper our appreciation for any "moderation." The ultimate goal is clear, no matter how incrementally you approach it.)


When Stephen Wiley, who's a big deal as campaign operative for the entire NC House Republican Caucus, told a reporter that the abortion law will fizzle as a 2024 campaign issue, he nevertheless left the door open a crack: “I think there’s going to be some people who are motivated by it. Whether that’s a significant number or not, I think remains to be seen.” Duh.


Wiley said the presidential race is the biggest factor determining the "tenor" of the 2024 election, especially if the Republican nominee is Trump. “Donald Trump is not within anyone’s realm of normalcy." By which I think he dreads the chaos that's likely to characterize 2024 (not to mention the rest of 2023).

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