Monday, June 05, 2023

Not Just Women But Non-College Women


Out this morning, news of a new poll of non-college women in North Carolina about abortion rights. Carolina Forward polled non-college women exclusively, and the results suggest that the rural wall against Democrats might crack a little for women facing life decisions that the Republican Party wants to take completely away from them:

When asked the following general questions about abortion and Senate Bill 20, non-college female voters responded:

  • How important are candidate positions on abortion when deciding who to vote for: Very important = 61%
  • Abortion should beLegal in all cases/Legal in most case = 65%
  • When, if ever, do you think access to abortion should be limited: No restrictions/< 20 weeks = 61%
  • Lowering the current abortion week guideline from 20 weeks to 12 weeks: Strongly oppose = 51%
  • Would you vote for a state legislative candidate that supported SB 20: Much more likely to oppose = 53%

What's it going to take for statewide Democratic candidates -- let alone the local candidates for NC House and Senate seats -- to make abortion rights the number one issue in North Carolina?

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