Saturday, February 04, 2023

5 NC Supremes Intend To Prove They're Just Partisan Tools


Chief Justice Paul Newby,
doing his happy dance
Late last night -- because when you're being controversial, it's strategic to release the news on a Friday night before a warming weekend -- the five Republicans on the North Carolina Supreme Court granted a Republican petition to rehear the cases of Harper v. Hall (gerrymandering) and Holmes v. Moore (voter photo ID), just decided last year, because to Republicans, partisan gerrymandering and racial voter suppression are positive goods and the main means for maintaining their power.

The five Republican operatives will rehear those cases quickly, next month, because they need for people to forget about this naked abuse of power before 2024.

How naked?

The majority’s order fails to acknowledge the radical break with 205 years of history that the decision to rehear this case represents. It has long been the practice of this Court to respect precedent and the principle that once the Court has ruled, that ruling will not be disturbed merely because of a change in the Court’s composition.

That what Justice Anita Earls wrote in her dissent.


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Red Hornet said...

If a team must cheat to win, this may be an indicator that it's time to retire.