Friday, May 25, 2012

Whose Chickens Are Those, Flocking Home To Roost?

The Southern Baptist Convention, which stigmatizes gays, campaigns against gay marriage, and hates a possibly Kenyan-Muslim President for endorsing equal rights (among other Great Sins), wants everyone to know that it has no connection to the Baptist preachers currently (and very recently) in the news for advocating physical violence against a minority. "We don't even know these guys," they write, but we appreciate the detailed summary they provided in The Baptist Press of the evidence that they share a certain DNA, despite their desperation to deny it:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- Anti-gay sermonizing by several independent Baptist pastors has stirred a backlash of death threats, calls for criminal prosecution and planned public protests. 
In question are sermons and comments posted to YouTube and Facebook promoting the genocide, punishment or prosecution of gays or suspected gays. The posts have gone viral on the Internet. 
Among them are anti-gay comments by pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., advocating the genocide of gays by enclosing them behind electrified fencing until they "die out" from the inability to reproduce. 
Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, N.C., has apologized after he encouraged parents to "punch" and "crack that wrist" of their sons and daughters if they exhibit suspected gay behavior. 
Pastor Ron Baity of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., has called for the criminal prosecution of gays. Conversely, a Washington watchdog group is calling for the criminal prosecution of pastor Ronnie Spriggs of Hager Hill Freewill Baptist Church in Kentucky after he preached a sermon telling congregants not to vote for President Obama. 
State Rep. Andy Gipson, R.-Miss., is defending himself against death threats at his home after he posted on his Facebook page the Leviticus 20:13 law calling for the death of those engaging in homosexual sex. 
None of the pastors are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention; only Gipson is a member of a Southern Baptist church in Magee, Miss., and a bivocational minister....


Anonymous said...

But it is okay to make fun of people of the South and Southern Appalachia. This walks both ways and you are too weak to point the flaw.

Liberal POV said...

Local Watauga County Clergy

As you prepare for your message to your congregation on this Memorial Day Sunday, I ask that you at least mention the extremism and dangers of hate mongering ministries. Please be clear your message is not part of such bigotry.

Men and women have died for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL, let their be equality for all.

shyster said...

Mainstream religion-ists will claim that this is not how they all feel and that this is a fringe element. We hear this every day from more and more "christians." How wide does the fringe have to be in order to become the whole garment?

Anonymous said...

You guys are almost there, Shyster. Just recruit a few more like you and your friends here and you may move from "fringe" to "wacko".

Anonymous said...

Well, the Canadian website, "Religious Tolerance" has this to say about Leviticus 20:13: "Over the last few centuries, most Christians and Jews have rejected Leviticus 20:13. They no longer call on the death penalty for homosexuals. Only Christian Reconstructionists and a few Christian hate groups wish to revert to mass executions of gays and lesbians today." That's calling them what they are, right? Check out "Christian Reconstructionists" on the R.T. website also.

Independent Mom said...

Given that yesterday was Pentacost, and the text appointed for that Sunday is Jesus reminding us 'he has more to tell us we weren't ready for', so the Holy Spirit would come to help us continue to evolve in our thinking, the message from the pulpit was definitely one of tolerance and love for ALL our neighbors.

It seems appropriate to me that Pentacost should be followed today by Memorial Day, when I give thanks for my dad, my grandpa, my husband and his father, and my son-in-law, for their service in defense of my freedom to go to my church.

Anonymous said...

It is the corrupt Democrat party coming home to roost!!Tell us about David Moore and David Parker. Pure evil!!!