Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Libertarian Candidate for NC Gov Calls Amendment 1 an "Abomination"

Barbara Howe, who is running (again) for NC governor on the Libertarian Party ticket, is none too happy with the Republican agenda in Raleigh, especially the intrusion of their religious bigotry into the state's constitution in the form of the heterosexual-marriage-is-the-only-legitimate-marriage amendment passed on May 8th.

Barbara Howe brought a paper shredder to the steps of the NC General Assembly yesterday, and she and her husband ran their 35-year-old marriage license through it as a protest.

No kidding.

"I believe in limited government," she said. "Government should protect us from people who hurts us but otherwise just stay out of our lives, and that's not what we're getting in North Carolina."

No, we're getting the Reign of the Religious Right in NC.

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Anonymous said...

The religious right and ALEC's corporate agenda, especially in education.