Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Insurgency in the Davidson County GOP

The Republicans in Davidson County had themselves a good old-fashioned power struggle Monday night at their county convention, with a new slate of officers sweeping out the old officers, even after the old officers attempted to maintain their power by denying voting credentials to 40-some delegates who were apparently aligned with the insurgents.


At least they had a lively convention. Compare Davidson County's dust-up to Watauga's GOP convention last Saturday, which mainly had Virginia Foxx bragging at length that she...

1. ...has been on TV a lot. Did you see me? Me me me.

2. ...has no patience for people who do not see that she and the Republican Party have the superior grasp on economic policies.

3. ...has an uncanny ability to make fellow congressmen absolutely furious with her, a knack that has served her well in Watauga County at election time.

4. ...possesses the gold-standard of personal faith in (the Baptist) God (or the Catholic, depending), and a towering patriotism so grand that she has to shed a theatrical tear about her own piety.

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