Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gifts Required

Madam Foxx's proud hubby has once again sent out a campaign fundraising e-mail masquerading as a "fun" way to wish the Madam a happy 65th birthday. Apparently, this stunt worked well enough when she turned 64 last year that we're treated to a repeat performance. There's a link to a birthday card that you can send the congresswoman, but that's not the key thing. Send money, writes Tom Foxx, to help us maintain the corporatist hegemony in America under the cover of "smaller government."

Mr. Foxx helpfully suggests, "If you can, I ask that you include a special contribution to help Virginia's campaign as a birthday gift -- perhaps $650, ten dollars for each year -- or even just $65."

There are ways of being creepy in modern America that can make you positively starry-eyed about American ingenuity, but political fundraising under color of familial devotion is about as gag-inducing as anything we've seen in, oh, 24 hours or since the last time the Foxx family indulged in it.

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