Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Honeycutt Clarifies His Position

County Commissioner Keith Honeycutt is now officially FOR a new high school, seeing that the majority of citizens support it and considering he's running for reelection. That DOES tend to clarify the mind. (See the last paragraph of Scott Nicholson's article about the special joint meeting of the County Commission and the School Board last night.)

But Honeycutt can't escape his past votes. While saying he supported education, every action he's taken as a commissioner has been to IMPEDE the paying for the education he says he supports. He voted AGAINST the last budget because it included the modest tax increase that will pay for the new high school over the next 20 years.

He's been a Republican robot. Which has turned him into a full-fledged hypocrite, as of last night. He plans to take credit for a new school he never lifted one finger for.

At least Commissioner David Blust has now fully accepted his own ineptitude as a county official and refused to show up last night. He's got his sights set on taking his ineptitude to the state senate and can no longer be bothered with stuff like local public education.

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