Thursday, July 27, 2006

DAVID BRODER (whose column I almost never read any more) says that among the old Taft-Goldwater-Reagan wing of the GOP there's "simmering rage" over the performance of the Republican-dominated U.S. House and Senate ... a rage that may well translate to major losses for Republicans this fall.

"Whether or not the complaints are justified," writes Broder, "they are often accompanied ... by the comment that everything the White House does seems to be aimed at pleasing only one section of the Republican coalition -- the religious right."

And then this: "That is why there was so much high-fiving on e-mails and phone calls among other Republicans over the defeat last week of Ralph Reed .... a symbol to many of the influence of the religious right."

Gosh. That makes me feel so ... old-guard Republican all of a sudden.

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