Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Have a Thoughtful 4th

C-SPAN led off its July 4th Washington Journal at 7 a.m. with a call-in poll: Is dissent patriotic? Some people actually had the temerity to say dissent is NEVER patriotic (in which event, we wouldn't even have this country), but many more thought it MIGHT be all right, if it was dissent about something THEY personally also disagreed with.

Oh Americans!

Yet I cling to the hope and the promise of the three most powerful words in our Constitution: We the People.

Four years ago, citizens of Watauga County did what Americans have been doing for hundreds of years ... petitioned their government. Thousands in Watauga County signed a petition to keep billboards off the new Doc & Merle Watson Hwy, and despite the outrage of some powerful business interests and large landowners, the petitioners were heard by the State Board of Transportation.

Early last evening, on the way back into Boone from Deep Gap, on the Doc & Merle Watson SCENIC BYWAY, we couldn't help thinking it was a good thing "we the people" did to keep that beautiful roadway clear of the clutter. Of that, we are proud.

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