Friday, December 30, 2005

Welcome Wagon

According to this a.m.'s NYTimes, the recently passed House "border-security [anti-immigration] bill" will make it a federal crime to offer services or assistance to illegal immigrants. Virginia Foxx dreamed that up. It's her baby. She's a major cosponsor.

Priests, social workers, community do-gooders of all stripes ... THIS MEANS YOU! Help an illegal immigrant and you could spend five years in jail. Virginia Foxx's law would also allow the federal government to seize personal assets of those caught passing out meals, medical aid, or legal advice.

The Roman Catholic Foxx might want to note that the American Conference of Catholic Bishops has denounced the bill.

At the moment, this piece of unnecessary mischief is a House-passed law only. The Senate hasn't acted, and many think the Senate will never go along with the whip-and-chains approach.

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