Friday, December 02, 2005

Republican Differences on Illegal Immigration

Do North Carolina Republican members of Congress listen at all to the wisdom of their party chair, Ken Mehlman? Herr Mehlman told a gathering of Republican governors yesterday in California that Republicans who are trying to make political hay on the backs of illegal immigrants are simply on the wrong side of history:

"Throughout our history, there have always been Americans who believed that coming to these shores was a right reserved only for them and their ancestors, but not for others. Ladies and gentlemen, that was wrong then and those who argue that now are wrong today."

Good for Mehlman. Took some courage to go against the prevailing ethos of right-wing Republicanism right now, which dearly loves dangerous dusky-skinned others to organize against.

Witness Virginia Foxx and company. Foxx, Sue Myrick, Patrick McHenry ... they've all jumped aboard that anti-illegal immigrant bandwagon, since they know how powerful racist messages remain for many of their constituents. McHenry recently sent out a fundraising letter in which the dark cloud of immigrants supposedly descending on North Carolina is meant to be a rain-maker for his political war chest.

Such shameless politics are exactly what Mehlman was referring to as "wrong."

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