Monday, December 19, 2005

In a Time of War We Cannot ... Think

El Presidente was holding a press conference this morning and came out truculently, daring anyone to challenge his right to ignore the law.

Here's his reasoning: Because we're at war, I get to do whatever I deem necessary to protect the American people. You, the American people, just need to accept that I am also safeguarding your civil liberties. How do you know that? Well, I can't show you because it's all very secret. But you just need to trust me, because I just told you: "I'm safeguarding your civil liberties. And incidentally, we do not torture."

Oh. Okay. I'm soooo sorry, even embarrassed that I ever doubted you. Don't know what came over me. Obviously I need to spend more time in prayer, thanking God that He's taking care of everything through His Instrument on Earth, George W. Bush.

All those Bush supporters calling in to C-SPAN in total rapture that our strong, moral president is spying on us with warrantless searches are being so ... short-sighted (in addition to stupid, but let that go): Are they going to be so pleased when a Democrat occupies the White House, and this precedent of greatly expanded executive power has been established, and we're still in a situation (at war) where greatly expanded executive power seems useful? Well, no. They'll be apoplectic. Look it up: "Having or exhibiting symptoms of apoplexy" ... which is the "sudden loss of muscular control, with diminution or loss of sensation and consciousness, resulting from rupture or blocking of a blood vessel in the brain." Lord knows they have blockage of the brain already, but the thought of anyone other than Bush spying on them will indeed bring rupture. But then it might be too late.

One might enjoy the thought, "Well, serves 'em right!" But the trouble is that this out-of-all-control power serves all of us, even brain-blocked Bush supporters, so very wrongly.

It's just looking like a merrier Christmas by the minute, ain't it!

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