Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Shakin' the Money Tree in Boone, North Carolina

Go here to see where $247,301 political dollars went, sent from zip code 28607, including dollar disbursements to candidates in both political parties and to political PACs. All this information, assembled by the Center for Responsive Politics, takes several screens to get through, and we recommend taking the whole trip ... especially to see who in Boone gave to Madame Virginia Foxx. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. Gawd knows it's a burden!

Also of interest are those who gave to Ed Broyhill last year. Broyhill WAS considered Foxx's chief rival for the 5th District congressional nomination, and there was some outpouring of support for him from Boone. We couldn't help noticing that ASU's new chancellor -- or his wife -- threw a little money in that direction, along with others with an ASU connection. Not surprising at all, given Madame Foxx's attitude toward ASU.

Also not surprising that Chancellor Peacock is all born again now. He's registered Republican (there are people extant who seem to remember his being a registered Democrat prior to last year's election), and he's busily bussing the Madame's cheek in full view of various cameras, 'pologizing to her that ASU has been hostile to her in times past. As the old man from Kentucky once said, "There's just some things a body ought not to see."

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