Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Clock Is Ticking on Abortion Rights

The White House yesterday filed a brief with the Supreme Court arguing that a New Hampshire parental notification law does not need an exception for pregnant girls whose health is at risk.

John Roberts could be the pivotal vote for deciding this case. Obviously, the Bush administration can't wait to get him on the Court so he can start rolling back the clock on women's rights. Roberts, recall, will replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who was co-writer of the 1992 decision requiring that states not impose an "undue burden" on exercising the right to abortion. If Roberts gets on that bench, you can kiss that standard goodbye (along with your sweet asses, girls). (Unless, of course, we're dead wrong about Roberts. Maybe we should take bets.)

Significantly, this is the FIRST time that the White House has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a Supreme Court case dealing with abortion. Significant, we say. They know Roberts should be on the court in time to hear the arguments, scheduled for late this fall, and to cast the deciding vote.

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