Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Easley-Black Power Grab

Getting closer to the bottom of why The Guv did not appoint a state board of elections back in May, as he was supposed to do.

He was pissed that Jerry Meek didn't recommend his friend Bob Cordle, a Charlotte lawyer, who had already served a term or two on the board. Instead, Meek wanted retired Superior Court Judge Coy Brewer of Fayetteville, described by the N&O today as "a Meek mentor."

State law ties the Guv's hands. He has to appoint three Democrats and two Republicans from lists supplied to him by the chairs of the state Democratic & Republican parties. The Guv didn't like Meek's list.

'Pears that the Charlotte attorney Bob Cordle is also good friends with House Speaker Jim Black. So ... there's a little shenanigan afoot, "slipped into page 262 of the state budget," presumably by Black, to give the Guv authority to appoint all five members of the state Board of Elections ... the party chairs be damned!

"A power grab" is how GOP Chairman Ferrell Blount described it.


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