Friday, June 19, 2009

New N.C. Blog Has Roots in Foxx Country

Anne Schroeder Mullins, who blogs the "Shenanigans" column at, was the one who outed the Virginia Foxx staffer who sent out a sort of open invitation to fellow Capitol Hill workers while her boss was away: "Office beers. on taxpayer time. you're welcome, fightin 5th district."

Now Mullins is reporting that the staffer "is back home in North Carolina" ("resigned" from Foxx's staff, she says) and has launched her own blog, "Political Prostitutes," where we've just spent some time grazing on the pique.

The main meme here is quite clear: everyone in Washington is a whore, and that includes politicians of both major parties and most of the press. There's a whole bunch of (actually rather vague) talk about screwing people and people getting screwed, coming and going. The former staffer writes up her own screwing by a supposed friend who sent the original problem text message to Mullins, and we can't help feeling sympathetic.

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