Monday, June 12, 2006

Three Things We Know About Virginia Foxx

Don't know how we missed this interview/profile of The Madam in The Hill, but we did. Though it's just as edifying to read it a month late.

1. The Madam, lest anyone forget for a nano-second, is a HUGE Christian: " 'There were times during the campaign when my faith was shaken, but I've tried to discern the will of God in my life and I felt this was his will. When I would have my doubts, something positive would happen.' Foxx's religious upbringing is complex. 'I was baptized as a Catholic and then attended a Baptist church and was baptized as a Baptist,' she explains. 'My faith comes from having attended church on a regular basis all my life. Primarily it comes from my strong feeling that God is leading me in what I'm doing, that God is with me in every moment of every day.' When Foxx can't make it to the First Baptist Church in Blowing Rock, she watches church on TV.' "

A recurrent baptism by water ... makes we flash on Lady Macbeth. "A little water will clear us," indeed.

2. For those who give the congresswoman multiple thousands of $$, there's no lack of loyalty: "What does she make of the ethics accusations against Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas)? 'It's a witch hunt, pure and simple,' she says. 'If it weren't DeLay it would be someone else. The reason they are going after him so strongly is because he is so effective.' When asked about lawmakers taking golfing trips to places such as Scotland, she waves me off and won't listen to another word: 'You know, there are a lot of allegations and not a lot of substance. The media is intent on spreading the allegations with no real basis to them.' "

Won't listen ... check!

3. What kind of an educator was this woman? "Foxx's political TV diet is confined to the Fox News Channel .... 'It is the only thing I watch,' she says, sounding like an ad for the station. 'I watch it because it's reasonably fair and balanced.' (Did she really just say that?)"

Parrots catch-phrases will pleading willful ignorance ... check again!

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