Monday, June 05, 2006

The Smell of Flop-Sweat Filled the Hall

Barely a mention in the News & Observer (but we found it!) that the state Republican Convention in New Bern this weekend was closed to the press. The N.C. Dems sent out a gigging press release:

RALEIGH -- This past weekend in New Bern, the North Carolina Republican Party held their state convention under a cloud of secrecy. 'Apparently concerned about party divisions, state GOP Chairman Ferrell Blount barred the news media from covering official convention business -- consideration of resolutions, platform and other matters -- where the 546 delegates had a chance to talk from the convention floor. Reporters were permitted to hear only speakers officially sanctioned by the party.' [Raleigh News and Observer, 6/4/2006] 'State party chairman Ferrell Blount barred reporters from many convention business sessions, including discussion of resolutions, platform and other matters on which the 546 delegates were allowed to speak from the floor.' [Associated Press, 6/3/2006] ....

It's not generally a good sign when a free press scares your pants off, but these ARE Republicans, after all.

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