Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's Just Get It Over With

A second article in as many days mining the John Roberts papers from his days as a Reagan administration lawyer fills one with the promise of tomorrow: let's just get it over with and do away with women's abortion rights. Then maybe these 20-year-old college women, who think they're Republicans, can reap what they've been voting for. 'Course, many of them will have parents rich enough to fly them out of the country if need be, so they'll hardly notice and certainly won't care.

Let's just go ahead and say there's no constitutional wall between church and state. Then we can start swearing candidates and voters alike to a qualifying oath: "I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ..." 'Bout time.

Let's just go ahead and admit that a president's powers should be limitless when he says -- with no particular verifiable evidence -- that he's protecting us from terror.

Let's just go ahead and throw out all those ways that government regulates business. Shouldn't be infringing the freedom of corporations to make a buck any way they can.

Let's just do it. We're sick of watching the mission creep, particularly that part of it which involves fellow Democrats as willing handmaidens of the rich and powerful. Let's just get it over with and see if there's still any democracy left, or if the people are so anesthetized by TV that they don't even notice.

If it's inevitable, let's just do it. Let's see if that shoe fits.

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