Friday, September 09, 2005

Virginia Foxx's Solution to Catastrophe: Pray Like a Baptist

We went to Madame Virginia Foxx's website, expecting to see some explanation for why she voted against the relief package for the Gulf Coast yesterday in Congress. Not a peep there about that vote, but rather this flourish of theatrical piety:

"My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered through Hurricane Katrina and are continuing to suffer through its aftermath. I especially pray for those who have lost loved ones and hope they can find some comfort in this time of distress."

Some comfort, that! Let them eat mud.

"It is my hope that my constituents will join me in making a contribution to a charitable organization. The people affected by this storm desperately need our help right away. A donation to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or other charitable groups will help provide the resources necessary for these people to survive."

Yes, folks, your nickles & dimes will likely do the trick! Pass the hat at your golf resort. That'll rebuild New Orleans, no doubt!

"While our region has suffered from severe storms in the past, we have been fortunate to be spared from a storm of Katrina's magnitude," said Rep. Foxx. "Hurricane Katrina has reminded us of the need to be prepared and have an emergency plan ready in case something like this happens to our region."

That "emergency plan," according to Madame Foxx's voting record, would include a whole lot of nuttin' from government.

You're a fine public servant, lady. But you might want to pray that the people of your district don't find out what you really stand for.

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