Monday, August 30, 2004

Kevin Phillips, a self-described "populist conservative" and long-time Republican Party activist and author who switched to independent because of the deficit-spending of the current ruling Republican oligarchs, was interviewed in Sunday's WashPost and did not mince words about El Presidente:

"I've never understood why we take Bush and his family seriously," he says. "They come from the investment-inherited-money wing of the Republican Party. They display no real empathy for anyone who is not of their class. They aren't supply-siders; they're crony-siders. As far as I'm concerned, I would put Bush on a slow boat to China with all full warning to the Chinese submarine fleet .... George W. is the first president to come directly out of the oil industry, even if he was a failure at the actual business of looking for it. And who did he pick as his vice president? Another man from the oil industry. It's astonishing that nobody really questions the implications of this."

Whole article is worth reading and is another object lesson to Democratic timidity in forcefully opposing this president's regime.

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