Friday, August 27, 2004


Here's what doesn't register at all with the ivotevalues crowd (from this a.m.'s NYTimes): "The ranks of the poor and those without health insurance grew in 2003 for the third straight year, the government reported on Thursday .... Those trends, spelled out by the United States Census Bureau, signaled a clear shift in the way the 2001 recession and its aftermath have spread across the country. The economy's troubles, which first affected high-income families even more than the middle class and poor, have recently hurt families at the bottom and in the middle significantly more than those at the top."

But if it's not about gays and abortion, who cares, right?

What does it mean that The Godliest President In The History of the Universe has presided over the increasing pauperization of more and more Americans, while Halliburton and 1 percent of the richest Pharisees have gotten fatter and fatter off the policies of this Saint in the White House? The disparity between rich and poor widens at a clip. And who are these ivotevalues pastors alligned with? Rich men, who I used to hear as a kid in those West Texas Baptist churches would need a celestial shoehorn to get into heaven. But rich men got themselves an escalator clause now, evidently, ever since the Southern Baptist Convention signed its pact with the Republican Party and gave up its conscience because of QueerFear.

"Poverty rose most sharply among single-parent families last year. Health-insurance coverage fell only for families with annual income of less than $75,000."

Serves 'em right for being single parents, eh, pastors? Let 'em eat wallpaper! Sick and dying, heal thyself! Thus saith the Lord.

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