Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's in a Name?

Who can tell us how to pronounce "Reince Priebus," whose parents obviously played a big joke on him.





We'll assume "PREE-bus" on the last name (but might be "PRY-bus"), which someone said sounded like a hybrid vehicle.

BTW, we'll sooo miss Michael Steele!


Opinionated said...

Looks like it's "Ryns PREE'-bus", according to A.P.

First job - retiring a $22-million debt the national party owes vendors, etc.....dontcha love the way the Repubs manage money?

liberal politiainas for sale said...

In what financial condition is the Democrat national committee? Did Soros pay for everything?

Opinionated said...

Soros gave no money to the Dems this election cycle....nor did I.

brotherdoc said...

The GOPers will have no trouble raising this money. They took care of the rich, who can easily leave a tip in the jar for those who helped continue their Bush tax cuts. What the Party officially raises (and spends) pales anyway in comparison to what they get indirectly from PACs and their corporate bedfellows. Interesting factoid: In the 2010 NC Senate race between Burr and what's her name, $280,800 was spent by parties and interest groups to support Burr, while Marshall got....$25.