Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to Reality

Voters say they want the government to spend less, but don't dare neglect plowing my road during a snow storm!

Remains to be seen just how much voters want our state's children educated. Will they sit by and watch thousands of teachers and other school employees get laid off?

Or ... unlikely as it may be ... we could force our new reps in Raleigh to reform the tax base to keep our schools operating and our roads open.


brotherdoc said...

Charlotte Talks, on WFAE, the Charlotte NPR station, recently ran an interesting interview program with the State Treasurer in which among other things she made a very strong pitch for revising the NC tax code:

Opinionated said...

Something Steve Goss was working on when he was in the state Senate.

he's gone said...

Yeah, he wanted to raise them.