Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Soucek and Jordan Get Free Health Insurance, Paid for by You & Me

"Despite being part-time workers, every NC legislator qualifies to receive completely free tax-payer subsidized health coverage for themselves through the NC State Health Plan. No other part-time state worker has that right .... NC legislators also uniquely qualify to buy into the State Health Plan at the basic rate after they leave the General Assembly." (NC Policy Watch)

Well taken-care-of themselves, Soucek and Jordan will vote with the rest of their Republican brethren to quickly pass a promised resolution opposing the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ... because (hey!) just because they get free insurance doesn't mean they have to support your right to a shot at affordable coverage.

If they were honest, God-fearing politicians, and not towering hypocrites, they would voluntarily give up the free perks that we pay for and which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

We ain't holding our breath.


Just Saying said...

Did Tarleton and Goss get the same insurance? Does you employer provide you with health insurance?
do you complain if he does?

Maybe the policy for politicians is to generous, but that is an entirely different issue than the soon to be repealed or at least not funded Obamacare.

Henery said...

Just Saying,
I believe the point here is that Soucek and Jordan get FREE insurance, courtesy of the taxpayers. Few employees -- NO state employees that I know of, other than Mr. Soucek and Mr. Jordan -- get FREE health insurance. They get group plans that they still have to pay for. The state employees have no choice. It's Blue Cross/Blue Shield, which gets pretty bad reviews and AIN'T CHEAP (or so I hear). Me? I have to buy my own, and it just went up over 20% ... ahead of the federal reform. All insurance executives should burn in hell!

FOXX FANN said...

Henery, if you would bother to check, I think you would find that it's not just Soucek and Jordan who get this so called "free" insurance.

It's all state elected officials....even the democrat ones.

If you really want to see some good deals, check out some of the health care benefits various county and city commissioners have voted for free health care for LIFE after they serve 2 terms...

Henery said...

More phony moral equivalency! It happens that Soucek and Jordan represent us, not all the others. And it also happens that it's the Repubs. in the Gen'l Assembly voting for this shee-ite, not the Democrats.

I believe, if I remember right, that it's a classic logical fallacy to try to deflect the accusation of wrong by crying out, "Others do it too!" Doesn't make it right.

FOXX FANN said...

Henery, Henery, Henery,...

Is their not an adult in your household that could explain these posts to you before your make a fool of yourself responding?

You posted that..and I quote you here..."NO state employees that I know of, other than Mr. Soucek and Mr. Jordan -- get FREE health insurance."

Of course that was a stupid thing to say and I was just trying to point out to you that there were other state employees besides the two you mentioned who DO get the benefit.

"Free Health Care"..ok, if you say so....sort of like the "Free money" that people who work for a living get paid every payday. It's part of their compensation package. It was not put there by was voted in by a Democrat legislature.

And, before you make a bigger fool of yourself, you might want to check your statement that "it's the Repubs. in the Gen'l Assembly voting for this shee-ite, not the Democrats. "

As intelligent adults will tell you, the republican controlled legislature hasn't met yet. They really haven't voted for any 'shee-ite' and wont until the legislative session begins.

Still Asking said...

You failed to anwer the question, Henery. DDoes your employer provide you with health insurance. Are teachers, state troopers, employees of the D.O.T., ect. provided health insurance as part of their compensation package; courtesy of the tax payer? Should we stop this for all state employees?

Camelot said...

Let me clear somethings up. I am a State Employee and I get Free Health Care but to carry my wife and child I have to pay a little over $500 a month.

2nd my wife is a part time employee just like Soucek and Jordan and she doesn't get free health care. She doesnt even get the option to buy in. What makes them better than her as a state employee?

3rd the point JW is trying to make is that they are receiving free Health Care while wanting to deny others the right to an option that they get to enjoy. Everyone is not as fortunate as us to work for employers who care to make sure we have health care. Walmart is the worlds worse to pay people little to nothing and offer them no health care. They in turn can't afford to buy it either. Do you know who foots their bill? We do when they become eligible for Medicaid.

Is Obamacare the totally answer no. Is it better than what we have yes. We need to work together to come up with something everyone can be proud of instead of going backwards and just hurting more people.

waiting on henery said...

Camelot, if you are an employee of the state, your spouse can be covered under your policy if you will pay for it. If your wife is part time she does not and should not qualify. Read your policy. I know. My family is in this situation.

A member of the state legislature is not a part time employee. Their work hours arre simply different than yours.

Obamacare is an abomination.

Are you going to answer the questions, Henery?

Henery said...

What is an abomination is taking for FREE what others must either (1) pay for or (2) not be able to afford at all, while piously saying you are AGAINST the very sort of government-subsidized health insurance that you yourself are enjoying. You can't change those facts.

You Can't Fix Stupid said...

The "fact" is that part of the compensation package for state employees, including legistors, is a health insurance plan paid for by the employer.

Do you think that because the state pays a salary and health care benefits for it's employees, that it should therefore be required to give an equivalent salary and health care benefits to all it's citizens? really should just stop digging yourself in deeper. Maybe you could change ID's and start over?

Henery said...

I can repeat my original point as often as you can choose to ignore it:

It is rank hypocrisy to take free government-paid health insurance while trying to repeal or block for NC citizens the (very modest) reforms to health-insurance passed by the U.S. Congress.

You Can't Fix Stupid (see above example) said...

And I will repeat my point...AND my question to you.

1. The health care provided to state employees is part of their pay package.

It is entirely just as appropriate for them to oppose free health care for citizens as it is for them to oppose free "salary" for citizens. They are EMPLOYEES who are EARNING their compensation.

You may disagree with providing benefits to state workers, or you may even disagree with providing benefits to only REPUBLICAN state workers, but for a state worker to receive a benefit as part of his sompensation package, does not mean that ALL citizens should receive the same

Obama gets 'free' housing....does that mean EVERYONE should be entitled to free housing?

Geeze least TRY to think!

Brushfire said...

We need to drop insurance from this equation. Insurance companies provide no health care, but take resources from health care providers and from customers. We need access to health care, not insurance. The constitution mandates that the Federal Government should promote the general welfare. If the general welfare doesn't include health care, what does it include?

Robert said...

The point seems to be that NC legislators, who work eight months a year from Monday evening through Thursday, get benefits other part-time state employees do not get. They receive full health insurance coverage, regardless of age or health, without paying a premium for that coverage. The legislators also get what full-time state employees do not get: the ability to continue their state health plan at the basic rate when they are done serving.

It seems obvious that any Republican or Democrat who wants to take away health care protections should give up theirs since it is paid for by us. This isn’t Halliburton or Xe giving benefits to part-time employees. This is a case of public servants taking our money to benefit themselves above and beyond the normal while denying everyone else. Personally, I would be embarrassed to keep it, but many of these egoists are well beyond any kind of humility.

And finally, it seems Henery answered the question of whether his employer provides him with health insurance in his first post. If you read more thoroughly, you will have the answer to your question.

Henery said...

The access to health insurance to state employees is NOT free. They pay for it. It's free for Soucek and Jordan.

And we're not talking "free" insurance for citizens under the federal law. No, not at all. It costs too. But there were reforms (some, anyway) put into that law to make it more affordable for some and to prevent the insurance companies from dropping people because they get sick or from refusing to insure people with "preexisting" conditions.

THAT is precisely what Soucek and Jordan and all the other Repub clones in Raleigh have set their faces against.

You too, apparently, Whatever Your Name Is Today.