Friday, January 28, 2011

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Sent: 1/28/2011 9:28:26 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: RE: Voter ID Bill

January 28, 2011

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your email on this important issue [proposed voter photo i.d. law]. The right of a citizen to vote is the foundation of our Republic. It is protected by both the North Carolina and US Constitutions. Accordingly, the integrity of the voting process must remain unblemished or voters will lose faith in our system of government.

It has become clear to me that there are numerous areas of our voting and voter registration processes that must be addressed to ensure that all voters are treated fairly and equally. I believe that North Carolina needs to require voters to present legal photographic ID's when voting. Such a requirement can hardly be described as a barrier to voting. For the estimated one percent of the eligible population without a photo ID, I will support provisions to provide such documents at no cost to the prospective voter. There are election-related cost savings that we can implement to cover such additional requirements. And I am confident that the cost of such requirements will fall far below the millions of dollars some groups are portraying.

I am convinced that a law requiring the presentation of a photo ID at the time of voting will help protect the integrity of our electoral process, and I intend to support it.


Rep. Jonathan Jordan
93rd District - Deputy Majority Whip
Office 418C
Phone: (919) 733-7727


shyster said...

Prove age and ID and pay $10. Photo IDs are available at any DMV office. Sorry, Jerry, I can't roll with your objections on this one.

Anne said...

Surprise, surprise......the disadvantaged groups that the Republican Legislature would discriminate against by impeding access to exercise of voting rights are people of color and predominantly Democrats. Are these legislators racist bigots or just plain old Republican reactionaries who believe that they are entitled to run the country? Or both.

What are you talking about said...

Anne, you need reading lessons. Nothing in Jordans letter supports anything you said. Where are you coming from except you are mad your side lost?

Mike D. said...


I carry a photo ID in my wallet at all times. I might also add that since I got my first wallet from my now deceased grandmother in 1990, I have also carried my Social Security card and even my original birth certificate. So not only can I vote if this law is passed, if you have any questions about my eligibility to hold the office of President, all you have to do is ask, and I'll be happy to show you my birth certificate.

Seriously, if you see me out in public, please ask me and I'll be happy to produce the document which demonstrates that I was born in the USA.

Brushfire said...

Bully for you Mike. I, on the other hand, carry as little ID as possible because of the danger of losing my wallet leading to ID theft. I resent the idea of proving my right to exist in the country I support with my labor and taxes.
And Anne is absolutely correct. Making the requirements to vote more onerous is the time-tested way to intimidate those who have the least power in society. Those most likely to vote Democratic, in other words.

Olevet69 said...

Naw, naw, Mike D. We want to see the original, long form of your birth ain't getting by with that little laminated "copy". In this day and should be ashamed trying to get over on us.

Mike D. said...


Nope, it's the real thing, folded and aging like old parchment. Just ask me. I'll show it to you.


Voting is a right, but it is so because it is protected by our laws. You sound as if it is a God-granted right. You may want to spend a little time in a country where your rights are appreciated and possibly learn to appreciate them yourself. Ok, so you are afraid of identity theft. Guess what? If you go to a bar, and your I.D. is requested for the purchase of alcohol, your fears of identity theft are not going to help you get your glass of wine.

So, is asking for proof of age tantamount to suppression of drinking among minorities and Democrats? Your reasoning is as preposterous as it is a parroting of the party line you have been asked to speak.

Unless, that is, you approve of, and rely on voter fraud to help your party win, and you are concerned that this law might prevent that fraud upon which you rely?

To be perfectly honest, I would rather believe that you are parroting a party line than think that you acknowledge and tacitly condone voter fraud as long as it benefits your party.

G.I.G said...

The easy solution to this to appease the left, is to provide free ID cards to anyone who qualifies for one by making those id's taxpayer supported.

Henery said...

"GOP leaders have introduced voter ID bills or plan to in Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin....

"All the bills have sparked controversy. For one, there's scant evidence that voter impersonation at the polls -- the one kind of fraud that ID laws address -- is a big problem. The bills are also viewed by Democrats and voting rights advocates as deeply partisan, given studies that show the elderly, African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and other constituencies are most likely to not have the needed ID cards.

"But at a time when states face staggering budget shortfalls, the biggest problem facing voter ID bills may be that states simply can't afford them.

"An effective, full-scale voter ID program can easily end up costing state taxpayers $20 million or more...."

Read more:

obiviously said...

Of course they have sparked controversy. They make it harder for the left to commit voter fraud. Why would the left like them?

Anonymous said...

That sounds nice that the ID would be free, but what about the documents needed to get the ID? If there’s a cost for those, then it still isn’t free, in which case there’s a fee for voting, and that’s a poll tax. The documents needed to get the ID would need to also be free.

Brushfire said...

So there's not enough money to hire teachers, or firemen, or police officers, or staff health clinics, or maintain infrastructure - but funds are available to provide national identity cards to keep tabs on American citizens?
The real problem with vote fraud lies in who counts the votes, not in who casts them.

public unions shold be banned said...

Sure there is enough money to hire teachers, etc. There is just not enough money to waste by hiring bad ones.

Henery said...

"Gary Sims, deputy director of the Wake County Board of Elections and a former investigator for the state Board of Elections, said, 'People say, "I know there is fraud out there." Well, where is the fraud?' He added, 'It’s like the concept of dead people voting. It makes better headlines than reality.' ...

" 'We are not in favor of such legislation,' said Bob Garner, spokesman for the North Carolina office of the AARP. 'We feel like it’s a solution in search of a problem. For our older members who no longer drive and may not have other photo ID, it would represent a hardship.' "