Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Do As We Say, Not As We Do!"

Breaking News: House Republicans' plan to repeal the health care reform law would increase the deficit by $230 billion by 2021, according to a preliminary analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. The Republican leadership's plan, therefore, to repeal health-care reform will instantly break the House's new rule of "pay/cut": "No bills can pass if they add to the deficit, but Republicans are making an exception to their own rules for the repeal bill."


Williamson is wrong again said...

Repealing this bill will decrese the deficit.

Henery said...

Williamson is wrong:
Oh, bully for you, for knowing so much more than the Congressional Budget Office, which is set up by Congress as the non-partisan watch-dog.

Who set you up and where did you get your training in arithmetic? Glenn Beck University?

Frank said...

Well, here's a question for you, first-poster-who-thinks-s/he-knows-more-than-the-CBO:

If the Republicans honestly believed that repealing the bill would not add to the deficit, then why are they exempting the repeal of the bill from their requirement that no action can be taken that adds to the deficit?

Get off your high horse and think about that for a minute. Only suckers would fall for that crap.

Henery said...


Did you see this?

Don Clark, who goes by "Blogger" over at WataugaConservative, identifies the famous "Mr. Republican" of Illinois Everett Dirksen as a Democrat!

Why would he do that? To make a lame political point, why else?

typical lie ffrom Henery said...

Your link says the page does not exist. Another lie.

Henery said...

Go to and scroll down to "Today in Congress" and read it, if you can. I can't help it if their own URL doesn't work.

I don't lie. But I know who does.

Smarter than Henery said...

When making fun of another persons error, it would be better if you would first learn how to post a link.

Makes you look less stupid.

try this

Mike D. said...


Outing the personal identity of a blogger who posts under a pseudonym is really bad form. It's awful, in fact. You and I may take this whole political discourse thing lightheartedly, but there are some true creeps out there, you know?

Whether or not you know my full name, or Blogger's full name, adds nothing to the discussion in an online forum. If you know who I am, please come say hello and introduce yourself. I'd be happy to meet you, and we'd probably go get some coffee and enjoy a lively conversation in person.

But, for the love of honorable online discourse, please do not 'out' people!

It comes across as a form of intimidation, like blacklisting, you know?

Mike D. said...

If you guys really want to look smart, you can do what Brushfire taught me (I think it was Brushfire) and post your link like this!

G.I.G said...

Henery, To try and reveal somebody's real life name on a forum does nothing to give credit to your posting. If anything it makes you look small and weak and petty.

Henery said...

I am sorry. Period. I had not thought about it that way, and I am glad to be corrected.