Monday, May 21, 2007

Caught by the Web

Sign of the times, this comment quoted by the WashPost, via the N&O:
"We're losing the Web right now," says Michael Turk, who was in charge of Internet strategy for President Bush in 2004.
What's this!? The Democrats actually ahead of the Republicans?! Can it be? And all because we're so damned unmanagable??
"What was once seen as a liability for Democrats and progressives in the past -- they couldn't get 20 people to agree to the same thing, they could never finish anything, they couldn't stay on message -- is now an asset," [sez Peter Leyden, director of the New Politics Institute, a San Francisco-based think tank]. "All this talking and discussing and fighting energizes everyone, involves everyone, and gets people totally into it."
Followed by this delicious comment offering one possible explanation for why Republicans are so behind on the 'Nets:
"...look at the short history of online politics," [said K. Daniel Glover, who edits National Journal's Technology Daily]. "For Republicans, the Internet is where bad things happen. Take George Allen and his 'macaca' moment .... You can kind of understand why Republicans have this almost instinctive fear of the Internet, where the mob rules."
Yes, my children ... go forth and practice angry peasantry, with hayforks and laptops.

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