Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Thanks to Screwy Hoolie in Asheville, there's a crack of light shining on the blood-letting inside the Buncombe County Republican Party, which elected a new libertarian-leaning party chair in March, who has now been ousted by the "theocrats." (The "theocrat" label is being applied, incidentally, by a GOP insider in the comments to the post linked above, which you'll want to read as well.)

We know none of the personalities involved, except the screeds some of them have occasionally published on NC Conservative, and we're not pausing over this because we have a deep interest in Buncombe County politics. No, it's INTENSELY interesting because of the evidence it gives that the non-religious right (for lack of a better term) is finally getting fed up with the mullahs in the Republican Party and are struggling to take back control. As a leader of the liberterian wing of the Buncombe Co. GOP put it in one of the comments to the post linked above, "Some say that the Republican Party should become more conservative. As a libertarian, I think that the party should become more Republican."

He also says, "The theocrats are dismissive and intolerant." Duh.

This sort of thing bears watching, especially as various local Republican parties seem perfectly willing to make a blood-sport spectacle of themselves.

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