Thursday, April 19, 2007


El Presidente, today, in Tipp City, Oh., talking about the enduring lessons of the Virginia Tech massacre:

"One of the lessons of these tragedies is to make sure that when people see somebody or know somebody who is exhibiting abnormal behavior, you do something about it, to suggest that somebody take a look."

El Presidente, later today, through his
White House spokeswoman Dana Perino: "[I] was pleased with the attorney general's testimony today [and I continue to have] full confidence in him. After hours of testimony in which [Gonzales] answered all of the senators' questions and provided thousands of pages of documents, he again showed that nothing improper occurred."

Wow, Dude, do you KNOW what actually happened in that hearing today? It's kinda abnormal, ya know, for you to ignore reality like this. I mean, it's freakin' me out. Did you notice that Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, a conservative Republican with impeccable right-wing credentials, actually called on Gonzales to resign?

Can we help you get an appointment with psych services, maybe?

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