Saturday, March 24, 2007


Political junkies will want to bookmark this site, "Public Policy Polling: A Discussion of All Things Polling in North Carolina." Though scarcely a week old, it promises to be a lively forum for what's going down state-wide in the polling arena.

Currently, for example, there's a defense of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or automated polling, wherein an automated machine makes contact with a citizen, who is asked to punch buttons on the phone in response to questions. It was this type of poll that found Madam Virginia Foxx showing squishy support in the NC-5 last fall.

Some knowledgeable people don't trust this method at all. But it's given a spiritedly defense on this site and is worth consideration.

(That IVR Foxx v. Sharpe poll from last fall may have included too many Wataugans in its sample, which would explain the negative numbers for her.)

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