Monday, January 22, 2007


It IS a new day for ASU in the state legislature, following those clods in a churn who've supposedly represented our state university's best interests in the past (we're talking Virginia Foxx here, and Gene Wilson, not John Garwood).

But is it our imagination, or did ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock sound slightly less than enthusiastic about his new House & Senate members in the closing paragraphs of the article linked above?

Chancellor Peacock is something of an overly lubricated weathervane, swinging wildly with the prevailing tradewinds. Up until 8/21/02, he was a registered Democrat. He switched to Republican on that date and remained in that camp through the election of The Madam to the U.S. Congress in 2004 (and how many times in a few months post-election did he manage to get his picture taken with Virginia Foxx?). Then, perhaps sensing a shift in wind direction -- we don't know -- he again changed his registration on 9/16/05 to Unaffiliated. Politically, he's just plain jumpy.

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