Thursday, December 28, 2006


There are those close to me who believe that the Democrats will win the presidency in '08 NO MATTER WHAT (pretty much). There are those holding that opinion who AREN'T close to me, too, those wishing bad tidings on all Democrats everywhere, yet they recognize the reality that El Presidente has made such a botch that a Democrat -- almost ANY Democrat -- will be elected to the highest office in the land in two years.

I ain't there yet.

And so far, none of the likely or announced candidates is sweeping me off my feet.

I'm afraid that jaded attitude applies to Sen. John Edwards too, who has his campaign website up and who put on jeans and an open-necked shirt this a.m. in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans to announce his candidacy.

Much as I like the guy. And admire his populist message about poverty and fairness. As a pure matter of "strategery," he'd be better for us here in the South, certainly, than Hillary or Obama. But I'm concerned about the lack of experience. I'm concerned that Dick Cheney made Edwards look like a lightweight in the vice-presidential debate in '04. I'm concerned that Edwards' brief sojourn as a U.S. Senator was not exactly memorable (his reputation in some knowledgeable circles was for an unresponsive and poorly run congressional office). I'm concerned that he not only LOOKS callow but IS callow.

All of which is going to make a gagging meal if I end up having to eat my words in a year-and-a-month, after the Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina voters pick the nominee. Which I will do.

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