Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fourteen Disgraceful Democrats

These are the Democratic senators who voted for the Breeder Livestock Control Act of 2006, a.k.a., the law that will prohibit a grandmother or anyone else from "transporting" a pregnant minor across a state line for an abortion, if the girl's parents haven't given their consent. One step closer to the cheery world of "The Handmaiden's Tale"!

Evan Bayh of Indiana ... he who would be president!
Robert Byrd of West Virginia
Tom Carper of Delaware
Kent Conrad of North Dakota
Byron Dorgan of North Dakota
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Tim Johnson of South Dakota
Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
Bill Nelson of Florida
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Mark Pryor of Arkansas
Harry Reid of Nevada (bless his heart)
Ken Salazar of Colorado

A handful of pro-choice Republicans joined the rest of the Democrats in voting against this atrocity:

Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island
Susan Collins of Maine
Olympia Snowe of Maine
Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

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