Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News from the Police State

It should come as no surprise, in a country ruled imperially by El Presidente, that a snot-nosed Republican brat would try to pay UCLA students for tape-recordings of their professors, tape recordings that prove the professors are dangerous "leftists." The snot-nosed brat in question is one Andrew Jones, a 24-year-old alumnus of UCLA who is out to get liberal professors by any means necessary. He worked for a time for David Horowitz, the conservative battle bot known for faking evidence of liberal bias in higher education to stir up the trolls, but Jones proved too extreme even for Horowitz: "Mr. Horowitz says he fired Mr. Jones, accusing him of pressing U.C.L.A. students to file false reports that they had been physically attacked by leftist activists." (NYTimes article here.)

UCLA threatened legal action for tape-recording professors without permission, and Jones has withdrawn his offer to pay students for lecture notes, hand-outs, and pictures of professors reading Noam Chomsky. But he has compiled a list of his "Dirty Thirty" worst liberal professors at UCLA, sort of reminiscent of those hit lists the fetus people used to publish of abortion doctors who ought not stay alive.

Meanwhile, we hear that our own Madame Virginia Foxx is making robo calls in the Fifth District, attacking the "liberals" who want to lay out a red carpet for Osama bin Laden to take over Ashe County and the rest of the country. Interesting, if true, since it would be a hypocrisy for her quite beyond any hypocrisy we've seen from her before, considering this.

If anyone has evidence of Foxx's robo calls, please let us know the content, the duration, and the approximate date & time the call was received.

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