Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anti-Immigration Advocates Tuck Tail in Charlotte

At an anti-immigration rally last night in Charlotte, more protesters showed up than ralliers, according to the Charlotte Observer. Virginia Foxx had tried to get people out for this but didn't show up herself (prior commitment). Bay Buchanan, Pat's sister, was the main event, but had only 30 people to harangue, including at least a dozen Hispanic protesters. A hundred or so additional protesters stood outside the event at the Phillip O. Berry Academy.

Turns out, the anti-immigration people didn't like the neighborhood: "We were just concerned sort of about the part of town it was in," Ron Woodard of NC Listen, a Raleigh-based immigration reform group, told the Observer in a phone interview. "We think this is a part of town that may be dangerous."

Why? Too many Hispanics?

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