Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stifle a Liberal Professor Near You

Young Republican Profile in Courage Andrew Brock, who represents Davie County in the state Senate, has introduced a bill in the N.C. legislature, "Academic Bill of Rights," which isn't so much a Bill of Rights as it is a warning shot aimed at chilling "liberal" professors. Modeled on David Horowitz's national campaign to root out "liberal hegemony" in American universities, the Brock bill seems unlikely to move during this session. According to the N&O, "With no Democrats as sponsors and no companion bill in the House, the 'Academic Bill of Rights' is headed to a committee where two of its three co-chairmen are Democrats. It is not scheduled for a hearing."

David Horowitz's stock in trade is hair-raising stories of poor conservative college students made to eat out of toilets for expressing love of country ... that sort of over-heated fantasy propagation that wants to see every conservative as a helpless victim of evil, freedom-hating, "liberal" professors. Some of his stuff is just plain fabricated out of grievances over grades, in which the supposedly persecuted student might be said to have an ulterior motive in telling bad stuff on his/her professor.

Whatever. Reality plays a poor second fiddle to fantasies of persecution.

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