Monday, March 21, 2005

Less Government, My Ass!

In one of his brighter quips, George Will wrote several years ago, "Republicans are against big government ... except when they're for it" (or words to that effect -- don't make me search Google for the original wording!)

Driven by the rabidly anti-abortion Christian Right, Congressional Republicans (joined by a few registered Democrats) have made a political pawn out of a pitiful spectacle, and El Presidente got himself back to Washington from deep into his vacation in Texas, and way past his beddy-bye time, to sign one of the more hypocritical laws ever devised by the warped thinking of self-righteous men. Never mind 15 years of what Terri Schiavo's doctors all describe as a "persistent vegetative state," never mind the judicial process in Florida that involved more than one judge, never mind anything beyond the need to posture piously about the "sanctity of all life," and never mind their mantra about reducing the size and power of the federal government. The Congressional Republicans wanted to swoop in, and so they swooped.

Meanwhile, where was the "sanctity of all life" when El Presidente proposed in his budget to cut Medicaid by billions, in effect pulling a lot of metaphorical life support off thousands of people, who are every bit as dependent on the mercy of others as Terri Schiavo?

In fact, where was the "sanctity of all life" when El Presidente signed the "Texas Futile Care Law" while governor of Texas? That law expressly allowed (and still allows, according to Daily Kos) hospitals to let patients die who can't pay for extended life support.

The hypocrisy never stops. It just gets deeper.

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